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New-ish experiment.
Panther 2014
11” x 14”
acrylic on duct tape.

New-ish experiment.

Panther 2014

11” x 14”

acrylic on duct tape.

Road Agent at Gray Matters announces new work by Peter Ligon and Corbett Sparks

Saturday March 9, 2013
7pm -10pm (afterward by appointment only)
113 N. Haskell, Dallas, TX 76226
free beer
Please join Road Agent at Gray Matters this coming Saturday night for the opening of the two-person exhibition: Peter Ligon and Corbett Sparks. The reception goes from 7pm-10pm and is free. After Saturday, the show will be open by appointment only on weekends and will run through March 31.
Reminder: this is a not-for-profit exhibition. If you are interested in buying any work, I’d need to put you in touch directly with the artists. 





posting without a source is unfortunately pretty common, but it doesn’t have to be.  with a few minutes of hunting, you can make sure the artists you like get credit for their work! :)  hope this is helpful.


You can also drag the image into the searchbar, and it will come up with results of images that match yours. From there you can search for a link to deviantart, where most fanart originates. 

yes, do this. also never delete the words of the original poster if it’s something they’ve made. that makes us :(

My Etsy Shop Is Now Open!


Hello everyone,

Due to popular demand I’ve just opened my Etsy Shop! I’m hoping to add more of my work over the next few weeks & if there’s a particular piece of work anyone would like me to add then just let me know and I’ll pop it on there.

Thanks guys! xxx